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What You Need to Know About Our DJI Team

Zoltán Dömötör

Business Development Director

The Aerial, Remote Sensing and Provideo Business at HRP Europe Kft. is managed by Zoltán Dömötör, Business Development Director. Zoltán has been working in the IT sector for almost 30 years. He has gained experience in multinational environments, multinational companies – the focus was always on building of the sales channels. He has extensive experience in developing business strategies, from planning to implementation, in addition to trade, marketing, legal regulation and operations management. His business development experience, extensive market network and constructive attitude predestined him to manage a manufacturer of such size and technological superiority as DJI. He is committed to market-leading solutions, balanced market growth, and continuously building partnerships. He places a special focus on DJI’s awareness and penetration in the European Agricultural sector, as well as laying the groundwork for the growth of selling Enterprise products by building the ecosystem and actively participating in legal regulation.

Zsolt Eigner

Head of Business Unit

In close cooperation with DJI, Zsolt Eigner builds and manages the entire European network of the Agriculture business. He has foreign and domestic economics and sales experience. Throughout his career, he has always advocated cutting-edge technology, and managed technology-related projects back when the first drones entered the market. He arrived at the world of drones from the VR device market, and now he is one of the manufacturer’s official trainers. He is able to understand the drone use regulations and needs of individual countries and regions, and he is also quite familiar with the relevant software. He is always looking for the optimal solution to end-users’ problems, and he does everything in his power and goes far beyond his comfort zone in order to achieve a certain goal.

Attila Czondi

Product Manager

Attila Czondi is the DJI Product Manager at HRP Europe Kft. His tasks include preparing both short-term and long-term expansion strategies in the European Union. On a daily basis, he focuses on maintaining a strong relationship with the company’s existing DJI AGRAS Warehouse Platform partners and the manufacturer. He arranges orders and deliveries, gives and receives quotes, and manages the introduction and the support of new DJI products on the local market. Attila is a certified drone pilot, who came to HRP from the field of photography and video. In addition to supporting the expansion of DJI’s agricultural products, his primary duty is to oversee the product management tasks of Enterprise drones. Attila is a regular participant in drone-related events in Hungary, and you will most likely meet him at our events.

Orsolya Beleznai

DJI Agras Focus Sales

Orsolya Beleznai works at HRP Europe Kft. as a plant protection expert to help the agricultural segment of the DJI team. She has a scientific background, has a doctorate in animal and agricultural environmental sciences and believes that the developing drone technology can be perfectly integrated into the practice of precision agriculture. She is an instructor and agricultural drone operator trained and certified by DJI Academy. She maintains a privileged relationship with the agricultural partners and the manufacturer. She tests new products and coordinates the type certification process, as well as monitors the legal regulations for pesticide authorisation. She is also responsible for participating in major European conferences and agricultural events, writing articles for agricultural journals and case studies for the manufacturer.

Andor Süli

DJI Enterprise Expert

Andor Süli works with HRP’s DJI business as an industrial drone pilot, drone expert and DJI Dock Engineer. His experience with consumer and industrial drones can be back to 8 years, when he started working with drones professionally. He was leader of the official DJI store in Budapest for 1.5 years. In close cooperation, he supported the authorities and the goverments with his professional knowledge, providing not only theoretical but also practical assistance in several cases. Special priority areas: GIS, 3D modeling, Search&Rescue. Recently, he was also certified as a DJI AGRAS instructor, so he can guarantee the best pre-sales advice and after-sales support for our partners in relation to the manufacturer’s agricultural drones.

Adrienn Mogyoróssy

International Sales Administrator

Adrienn Mogyoróssy strengthens HRP’s DJI team as a commercial assistant and the administrator for the company’s international expansion. Her trade experience can be attributed to her previous job as a foreign trade assistant. Her father worked at MALÉV for more than 35 years, so flying and the love of it have been part of her life since she was a child. In HRP’s DJI team, she is working in the AGRAS business, helping the European distribution of agricultural drones. At the company group, she assists and supports the work of salespeople, product managers and warehouse colleagues in administrative and logistics tasks, while also nurturing an ongoing relationship with the company’s expanding foreign partner base.

Imola Ivanov

DJI MDF Specialist

Imola Ivanov is the DJI MDF Specialist at HRP Europe Kft. Her main task is to support the manufacturer’s expansion in the European market, so she maintains a close relationship with the parent company in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. Throughout her career she has developed a professional knowledge of MDF and Co-Op funding and routinely plans them quarterly. She can design and track MDF and Co-Op programs to partners to support their channel marketing activities. She has been personally interested in drone technology for a long time: both as a qualified drone pilot and from a professional point of view, she sees a huge market gap for DJI’s drone solutions, especially for the AGRAS product line. She is a regular participant in DJI events and training sessions.

Zita Horváth

Online Marketing Manager

Zita Horváth is an Online Marketing Manager at HRP Europe Kft. Based on her diverse experience and knowledge, she is happy to help with anything, ranging from web content writing and newsletter editing through image or multimedia creation to online presence development or event coordination. She has also been an integral part of the preparation of this page’s content. She believes in continuous self-development, and she plans to expand her IT and technology skills and specialize her marketing approach in accordance with the latest trends. By familiarizing herself with the application of DJI’s agricultural and enterprise products, she aims to take advantage of their creative opportunities, even by contributing to a short drone-themed company film.

Lajos Kovács

Online Marketing Manager

Lajos Kovács is an Online Marketing Manager at HRP Europe Kft. He manages a number of web projects, including writing, updating, testing, and rejuvenating the contents of this website. He keeps developing his knowledge and skills through education, training and self-education. He is a regular participant in domestic marketing events, an enthusiast of new technologies, and a fan of DJI’s products. During his previous projects, he gained an insight into the world of smart homes, lighting technology, networks, cybersecurity, data storage and security, audiovisual and cloud-specific solutions and enterprise management systems, among others. As an environmental health assessment engineer, he is an advocate of precision agriculture and sees enormous potential in DJI’s agricultural drones.

Ferenc Damak

Technology Specialist

Ferenc Damak is an experienced drone pilot and photographer who has been involved in drone technology and similar solutions from the fringes of photography and video for almost 10 years. For a long time, he has focused on B2B movie and experience-centered B2C drone applications, but more recently focuses more strongly on law enforcement, border protection and industrial purposes in the Enterprise segment. As a recognized expert on drones, he is a guest and lecturer at numerous conferences, exhibitions and events. He is a guest lecturer at the Department of Precision Agriculture at the University of Szeged. In the first half of 2018, he participated in a special training course, after which he gained an authorization from DJI to use the most up-to-date drone detection device, Aeroscope.