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Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Repair of DJI Drones and Accessories

Repair Drones Through the Distributor

DJI Drones Warranty Service

Like all devices, drones can also fail. If you have problems with your beloved multicopter, don’t panic—we’ll help you fix it as soon as possible. Our service center addresses warranty and out-of-warranty issues, and our experienced and certified colleagues are committed to returning the device to its users as quickly as possible, in perfect working order.

However, If you bought your DJI drone abroad (not from an official Hungarian reseller partner), please contact your local service partner.

DJI Drones and Accessories Service

Out-of-Warranty Repair of DJI Drones

State-of-the-art DJI drones now have many obstacle avoidance sensors, but some situations may still catch users by surprise. Unfortunately, sometimes unexpected events happen, which can damage your drone. Even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired or if the drone has suffered an out-of-warranty incident, you can bring your defective drone to our service partner, MyActionCam.

The most common out-of-warranty events are the following:

Whatever happened, you can count on the speed and precision of our expert colleagues! Bring your drone and its accessories to us. Upon filling out an error report form, we will examine it, and, once we have identified the exact cause of the error, we will get back to you with a quote and a list of parts to replace/repair. If you accept it then we will repair your device.