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HRP Europe Kft. - Hungary’s Largest DJI Distributor

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DJI is the world’s leading drone manufacturer and developer, producing equipment for recreational, commercial, industrial, agricultural and defense applications.

As a major IT distributor in the Hungarian market, HRP Europe Kft. offers our partners the full range of DJI agricultural and enterprise products, as well as presales, consulting and educational services for DJI tools and solutions. In our dedicated service center, we also handle warranty and out-of-warranty issues, and our experienced colleagues are committed to return their device to the users as quickly as possible, in perfect working order.

In our portfolio, everyone can find the drone solution that suits them, ranging from agricultural and professional use to industrial applications, including accessories as well.

In 2021, our company gained a privileged status: HRP Europe Kft. became the only distribution center (warehouse platform) for DJI agricultural products in the entire European region. From our thousands of square meters of warehouse space, we supply every corner of Europe, as well as the Central Asian region, with state-of-the-art agricultural drones and accessories.


We distribute products from the world’s leading drone manufacturer across Europe.


We help supply DJI agricultural drones to more than 50 countries.


We achieved a 3000% increase in agricultural drone sales in 2021 compared to 2020.

Featured Agricultural Drones

Precision agricultural drones and accessories with automated operation, surveying and monitoring, or spraying/delivering active substances.