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The ideal drone even for smaller farms

DJI AGRAS T10 spraying drone

Equipped with an 8-liter spray tank, the DJI AGRAS T10 agricultural drone can spray more than 6 hectares of agricultural land per hour. Its carbon-fiber reinforced plastic frame structure is compact in size and folds quickly, providing high mobility. The battery and the spray tank can be replaced quickly, making charging more efficient. As standard, the DJI AGRAS T10 is equipped with an RTK module for centimeter-level positioning and a new remote control with a high brightness display, making it easier to learn how to handle the drone.

spray tank*

Independent, high-precision operation

IP67 protection

Real-time monitoring with
2 FPV cameras

Spherical radar system

Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform

*The drone is delivered with a replaceable 8-liter spray tank, but 10-liter tanks may also be purchased separately.

Why choose the DJI AGRAS T10 spraying drone?

DJI AGRAS T10 spraying drone
Benefits and features

Compact but powerful

Autonomous operation

Safe flying in all conditions

Streamlined protection and long-term operation

2-4 batteries and a fast charger help the drone get back to work

Delivery/spreading of granular materials

Smart remote control with outstanding brightness level

DJI AGRAS T10 drone and its accessories

DJI AGRAS T10 spraying drone prices

The DJI AGRAS T10 offers an extremely compact yet powerful air solution for spraying agricultural areas of all sizes and needs. You have the opportunity to monitor field patrols by drone and the state of the crops through artificial intelligence. You can create maps in the cloud for visual management of the parcels. With variable-rate spraying and spreading, we can achieve greater yields and lower operating costs.

DJI AGRAS T10 spraying drone

DJI AGRAS T10 battery

DJI AGRAS T10 battery charger

DJI AGRAS T10 Spreading System 3.0

10L spray tank

DJI AGRAS T10 images and videos

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DJI AGRAS T10 – Featured specifications

Operating Efficiency (Per Hour)6.67 hectares
Spray Tank Volume10L (delivered with 8l spray tank)
High-Precision Radar (√ means yes , × means no)
AI Intelligent Engine For 3D-Operation Planning
High-Precision Flow Meter
Max Spray RateXR11002VS:3 L/min, (data from drone on ground testing)
Easily-Swappable Spray Tank/Batteries
Multi-Aircraft Control (depends on the firmware, plz check with sales)
FPV Camera
Dynamic Flow Control
Operation Mode
Orchard Mode 3.0 using P4R and Terra
Precision agriculture using P4M and Terra
Drone in the air to plan and edit waypoint
Banked Turning
Total Weight (Without Battery)12.2 kg
Standard Takeoff Weight\
Max Takeoff Weight24.8 kg (near sea level with the 8 liter tank) / 26.8 kg (at sea level with 10L tank)
Max Thrust-To-Weight Ratio\
Hovering Time (Based On Hovering At Sea Level, With Wind Speeds Lower Than 3m/S)19 min(@9500 mAh & battery and takeoff weight of 16.8 kg); 8.7 min(@9500 mAh & battery and takeoff weight of 26.8 kg)
Max Operating Speed7 m/s
Max Flying Speed10 m/s (with strong GNSS signal)
Max Wind Speed Resistance8 m/s
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level4500m
Recommended Operating Temperature0 to 45°C
Diagonal Wheelbase1480 mm
Dimensions1958 mm×1833 mm×553mm(arms unfolded, propellers unfolded), 1232 mm×1112 mm×553 mm(arms unfolded, propellers folded), 600 mm×665 mm×580 mm(arms folded)
FPV Quantity1 in front and 1 in back
View AngleHorizontal:82°,Vertical: 129°
Resolution1280×720 15-30 fps
Spotlight Quantity4 in front and 4 in back
Max Intensity13.2 lux @ 5 m (in direct light)
Spray Tank Volume10 L
Standard Operating Payload10 kg
Nozzle ModelXR11001VS (Standard) , XR110015VS (Optional), XR11002VS (Optional)
Nozzle Quantity4
Max Spray RateSX11001VS:1.8 L/min, SX110015VS:2.4 L/min, XR11002VS:3 L/min (data from drone on ground testing)
Droplet Size (Subject To Working Environment And Spray Rate)SX11001VS : 130 - 250 μm, SX110015VS : 170 - 265 μm, XR11002VS: 190 - 300 μm
Spray Width3-5.5 m(4 nozzles, 1.5-3 m above the crops)
Pump Type2 diaphragm pumps
Flow meter accuracy2-channel electromagnetic flowmeter < 2%
Liquid level indicatorfloating detection
Pressure release valveelectromagnetic valve
ModelRD2424R and RD2414U
Hold Altitude & Terrain FollowAltitude Measurement Range: 1-30 m, Hold Altitude Range: 1.5-15 m, Max slope under moutain mode: 35°
Obstacle Avoidance SystemOne is omnidirectional radar RD2424R; Obstacle Sensory Range: 1.5-30 m (varies according to the material, position, shape, and other properties of the obstacle); FOV: horizontal: 360°, vertical: ±15°; Working Conditions: Altitude greater than 1.5 m and a flying speed of less than 7 m/s; Safety Distance: 2.5 m; Obstacle Avoidance Direction: Omnidirectional in horizontal; The other is upper radar RD2414U; Obstacle Sensory Range:1.5 - 10 m (FOV):80°; Safety distance:2 m(drone top to obstacle)
Protection RatingIP67
Binocular vision system×
Battery Model9500mAh-51.8V
Weight~3.8 kg
Discharge Rate11.5 C
Protection RatingIP54
Drone compatibilityT10
Cycles in assurance(12 months or certain times)1000
Charger3600W T10 2-channel Intelligent Charger; 2600W T20 or T16 4-channel Intelligent Charger; DJI D4500i generator
Compatibility for dronesT30 T10
Operating Frequency2.4000 GHz to 2.4835 GHz; 5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz
Max Transmission Range (Unobstructed, Free Of Interference)SRRC:5 km MIC/KCC/CE:4 km FCC:7 km(data tested when drone height is 2.5m )
Display5.5", 1920×1080 resolution, 1000 cd/m² brightness; Android system, 4G RAM + 32G ROM storage
RTK dongle when planning field routeSupport
Remote class with HDMIHDMI 1.4
Multiple functionsFn button + Spray button to record video; Fn button + camera icon button to capture screenshot; Pointing Stick in android os
RC battery4 hours endurance with embeded and external battery
Operating Temperature Range0 to 45°C
Charging Temperature Range5 to 40°C
ModelWB37-4920 mAh-7.6 V
Battery TypeLiPo
Capacity4920 mAh
Voltage7.6 V
Output Power37.39 Wh
Charging Temperature Range5°C to 40°C
Type3600W T10 2-channel Intelligent Charger
Compatibility for batteryT20 , T16 , T10 battery
AC cable quantity1 PCS
ModeFast mode
Power Adaptness