This is how DJI SmartFarm supports farmers

Today, it is completely normal for a machine to be augmented by cloud software (SaaS, or “software as a service”) or an application that links the machine and the cloud software rather than functioning independently.

All of this is common for a customer- or corporate management system, but in agriculture, such a setup is still viewed as a novelty.

Multiplying the possibilities of DJI agriculture drones

After extensive planning, the legal framework for the use of agricultural drones has been established, allowing the drones to spread across the world and the development of precision agriculture supported by drones to gain momentum. The knowledge of drones specifically designed for agricultural purposes is impressive in and of itself, but the DJI SmartFarm app together with the cloud service running behind it expand it even further.

DJI SmartFarm: full control over the fields

DJI, the leading manufacturer of consumer, enterprise and also agricultural drones, has already developed the DJI SmartFarm app for the AGRAS range. This app was previously only available in Chinese (Mandarin) and last month the English version was finally released.

Processing of aerial photographs

With the help of the app, high-resolution or multispectral image data can be uploaded to the cloud, which can later be analysed by even the farmers anywhere with access to the Internet.

 Processing mosaic images from large areas of land, managing parallel processes, or merging images all require significant CPU and GPU performance. This barrier can be easily overcome with the help of the DJI SmartFarm platform, as there is no need for costly investments in IT equipment. The completed recording can also be used as the app’s basic map.

You can assign various tasks and documents to multi-plate estates or plots of land using the SmartFarm app, both individually and collectively.

With the help of the app, full control of the drones can be easily implemented. Basic control functions can be performed using the mobile phone, and flight data can also be retrieved. Since the data can be accessed anywhere and at any time through the cloud software, the managers responsible for the work can easily oversee the actual situation or even historic data.

Support from spraying to spreading

Farmers (or service providers) can receive support for the entire spraying and spreading process via the DJI SmartFarm app. This includes data display, device management, area division, manual distribution and measuring instruments.

Teamwork is at the forefront

 One of the important areas of application of agricultural drones is to support planning, management, monitoring and documentation. Even though the drone is directly controlled by a single operator (pilot), a whole team can handle the tasks mentioned above. The DJI SmartFarm app supports teamwork to the maximum, and everyone can have access the information they need for their work.

More options

The DJI SmartFarm app is a game changer that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on precision agriculture in the coming years. DJI SmartFarm is an open solution capable of collaborating with other systems. This can provide new perspectives in applications. We are only at the start of a long journey. Well-proven practices may emerge in the coming years, which can then be shared with one another. Certainly via the cloud and the SmartFarm app.